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All our transfer services

Our fleet is at your entire disposal, not only to take you from the airport to your hotel or holidays home, we also have other special services that can be very useful. We detail them below:


Your wedding, your friend's wedding, you need to organize a business dinner or grandmother's birthday party. Whatever the event, it is special and everything needs to work out well. So you need a company that is professional in its service and schedules; a company that deals with people in a close and personal manner and understands well the importance of being prepared.

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Visiting Mallorca for the first time, and you need to solve the issue of transport. You do not want to follow the standard routes, you want to see a thousand places in just a few days. You think this is impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are here to help you. You can contact us by phone or by simply filling out the form on our "excursions menu". We will get in touch and help you, not only with the issue of transport, but we also know the most spectacular places to go. Asking for information is free.

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You have decided to visit the Serra de Tramuntana. You are with a big group, and you are responsible for transport. You need to be dropped off at a specific place early and then picked up from another place. But of course, you do not know the exact pickup time and there may well be more people on the way back than going. Don't worry, we come across this every day. Contact us and we will talk.

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Congresses and conventions

You have become a master at organization and management of meetings, incentives, conferences and events. You are organizing a pharmaceutical conference and double the number of people you had originally thought are coming. In addition, they all have different schedules, with flights from different countries and not even half will be staying in the same hotel. You are nervous, we understand this. But enough! Call us, and we will talk - you need to sleep.

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Colleges and institutes

A group of 40 young people is no trivial thing. Aside from all the logistics: schedules, permits, communication with parents, etc, you need to keep in mind that there are those who will stop at home and not at school, so you will have to make more stops on the way back than you had originally thought. Can we help you?

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You need to take the whole group at a particular time and place, so far so good - you know when to go and what you will do there, but of course, dealing with people means all your perfect plans can be broken. You do not know how many trips you will need or how long the event will take. It is not easy, but finally you have found the product you need, and it is this: availability. Our bus will be there at the times you tell us, available to you and for everything you need.

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Bike transportation

When you said you wanted to go to Mallorca for a week of cycling around the island, you did not know just how good an idea it was. Now 20 people have joined you, and you are left to make the travel arrangements.

We understand. Good ideas are often not recognized until late. Enjoy your good idea. We'll take you wherever you want, when and how you want. 

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